[Does drinking affect menstruation]_Recommended diet

18 May

[Does drinking affect menstruation]_Recommended diet

[Does drinking affect menstruation]_Recommended diet

Normally, if you drink alcohol properly, it will have little effect on menstruation, but if you drink a lot of alcohol, or if you drink alcohol before, during and during menstruation, the effect on menstruation will be particularly great.

Especially if drinking alcohol during menstruation, it will lead to faster blood circulation, which will increase the amount of menstrual bleeding, and drinking alcohol will also easily cause dysmenorrhea. Let’s take a look at this aspect.

Drinking alcohol during menstruation can cause symptoms of dysmenorrhea, especially cold beer, and the symptoms of dysmenorrhea will be more obvious.

In addition, if you drink alcohol in the early stage of menstruation, it will affect the secretion of female hormones, cause disorder in hormone secretion, and cause alcohol to become acidic substances in the body. In order to digest these acidic substances, it will increase the burden and affect liver function.The impact is also very large.

In addition, drinking during menstruation will lead to aggravation of the hangover and cause drunken time to increase. Drinking during the premenstrual period will more easily lead to alcohol dependence.

Drinking alcohol during menstruation will lead to increased stress in women, which will be greatly affected psychologically and easily cause some psychological disorders such as depression.

Therefore, during menstruation and before and after menstruation, women should not drink alcohol properly to avoid harm to their health. Usually, they should keep warm and cold, avoid rain, and do not eat cold and stimulating food, especially to prevent lower body from being affected by cold.Eat warm foods, such as jujube, medlar, brown sugar, and other foods, and eat more foods that help replenish qi and blood.

The above briefly understands that drinking will affect menstruation?

If you drink alcohol before or during your menstruation, it will have a great impact on your menstruation.

It will also cause great harm to women’s physical health, and even lead to a decline in physical immunity and disease. Therefore, it is best for women not to drink alcohol before and after menstruation and during menstruation, and to drink moderately in daily life.