Month: February 2020

19 Feb

Who is the woman who loves you most

Who is the woman who loves you most I will always remember that night. I want to watch sports news as usual. My wife took a bath and said to me, “Why is there a mole on my feet? “I’m a person without medical knowledge. I think women like to make a fuss, so I
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18 Feb

Prevention of running injuries

Prevention of running injuries Running seems to be simple, and if the movement is not standardized, it will also cause sports injuries. For the ordinary people, the running economy is effective and it is the first choice for fitness projects. Therefore, in order to “run” health, you need healthy running.   During the running, we often
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17 Feb
16 Feb

Hanlu guards against hypertension and allergies

Hanlu guards against hypertension and allergies October 8th, 2010 is one of the “Cold Dew”, one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China. The arrival of Hanlu indicates that we must prevent acute attacks.   Acute attacks have been considered to have a great relationship with meteorological factors since ancient times. According to clinical statistics,
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15 Feb
14 Feb

What women eat Qi and blood deficiency

What women eat Qi and blood deficiency What do women eat with blood deficiency? Qi and blood deficiency is a disease that many women will experience. The common ones are anemia, excessive menstruation and so on. In fact, qi and blood deficiency are also divided into two situations, one is qi deficiency and the other
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13 Feb

Anti-atherosclerotic diet

Anti-atherosclerotic diet Mortality and the increasing incidence of arteriosclerotic diseases are one of the important reasons that seriously threaten human health. Studies have found that factors related to the formation of arteriosclerosis are smoking, dyslipidemia, overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Improper diet and too little exercise are directly related to these triggers.
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12 Feb

We have no passion for five years

We have no passion for five years Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and a day when many lovers express their love for each other. However, some people are sadly hurt on this day. It seems that love is always accompanied by pain: either the person you love does not love you; or the person who loves
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11 Feb

What do men care about women when dating

What do men care about women when dating It is often said that “women are the ones who please themselves”, women are always meticulous in their image, and even small flaws will drive them crazy. But men often don’t pay attention to women’s painstaking efforts. Recently, Helen, a well-known American biological anthropologist and author of
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10 Feb

Women’s Physiological Maintenance Yoga!

Women’s Physiological Maintenance Yoga! Yoga for women is like fragrant tea for refreshments. There is no delicate refreshment when tasting tea, which is not elegant enough. If women do not take yoga, some people feel sorry. The two complement each other and are indispensable. Only when they complement each other can they become more perfect.
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