Month: January 2020

31 Jan

Carefully spend the struggling menopause

Carefully spend the “struggling menopause” “Struggling menopause”, also known as “occupational failure”, refers to a psychological problem that occurs in professional staff. The cause of “struggling menopause” is closely related to social and environmental factors. To get through the “struggling menopause” as quickly and smoothly as possible, some psychological adjustments can be made appropriately according
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30 Jan

9 easiest mistakes to wash your face

_1 9 easiest mistakes to wash your face Do you really wash your face? Washing your face is the easiest to make 9 mistakes. Washing your face can’t be easier. However, recently, experts in Indian immune research have summed up the symptoms of “9 best mistakes to avoid when washing your face.” 1.Do not wash
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29 Jan
28 Jan

The origin of Hawaiian hula

The origin of Hawaiian hula Legend is that the first hula dancer was the dancing god Raka. She entertained her Vulcan sister Pellet in a draft skirt. Pellet liked the dance so much that he lit the sky with flames. Since then, the hula has become a religious dance that pays homage to God. Nathaniel
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27 Jan

Man’s fast recovery diet after fitness

Man’s fast recovery diet after fitness Human food can be divided into acidic foods and alkaline foods. Acidic foods are usually rich in protein, trace amounts and sugars, and contain acid-forming elements to break down and form acidic substances after metabolism in the body, which can reduce blood and body pH; vegetables, fruits, and other
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26 Jan
25 Jan

Often eat black five kidney

Often eat “black five” kidney How can I make my kidney healthier? Then please eat black food, the effects of different colors of food or drugs on the body are not the same, of which red into the heart, cyan into the liver, yellow into the spleen, white into the lung, black into the kidney,
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24 Jan
23 Jan

Why are middle-aged people addicted to online dating

Why are middle-aged people addicted to “online dating” 实录一:“帅哥”原来是老局长   一会儿和这位开玩笑,一会儿又和那位说句俏皮话,什么新鲜事都分析得头头是道,办公室爱上网的小姐们一致认为,这个在网上署名“万里晴空”The person must be a handsome guy. But the careful Miss Bai saw from the playful words of “Wanli Qingkong” that he was a mature man with experience. Later, Miss Bai guessed that “Wanli Qingkong” was their old director. She asked quietly, the director recruited, and
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22 Jan

Yoga Pranayama: Bellows Pranayama

Yoga Pranayama: Bellows Pranayama This breathing method edited by Zhang Huanlan and Mr. Bai Zhongyan Called it “a very intense extreme exercise” No matter anyone, too much bellows practice will damage the body.   Phase 1: In this technique, the lungs are used like a blacksmith’s bellows. When this exercise is done correctly, it is quite
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